About Matrix


MATRIX CONCRETE CONSTRUCTION LLC provides Concrete Construction for Commercial, Industrial, and Institutional Projects.

MATRIX has the experience and expertise to provide our customers with High Standards of Safety, Quality, and Performance on every Project for Foundations, Flatwork, and Architectural Concrete.  

MATRIX Field Crews are comprised of Highly Skilled and Trained Union Tradesmen.  

Our Experience and Expertise include:

  • Frost Walls, Grade Beams, Pile Caps.
  • Basement Walls, and Retaining Walls.
  • Columns, Shafts, and Shear Walls.
  • Machine Foundations and Precision Grouting.
  • Structural Concrete Repair and Reinforcement including Patching and Encasements.
  • Self-Consolidating Concrete.
  • Waterproof Concrete using Xypex Integral Waterproofing additive. 
  • Architectural Walls with form liners or smooth finish, or Sandblasted to expose aggregate.
  • Slabs on grade for Offices, Retail, Warehouses, or Heavy Industrial  
  • Warehouse/Industrial Slabs with Shake on Hardeners.
  • Defined Traffic Fmin Floors with Shake on Hardeners.
  • Freezer and Cold Storage Slabs.
  • Gymnasium Subfloors.
  • Architectural Slabs with Shake on Color Hardeners, or Integral Color, or Stains.
  • Architectural Ground Concrete Slabs and CIP Stairs. 
  • Elevated Slabs on Metal Deck.
  • Elevated Framed and Shored Slabs.
  • Post-Tensioned Slabs.
  • Bonded Concrete Topping slabs.
  • Concrete Toppings on Geofoam  (ie: theater stadium seating)
  • Sound Isolation Slabs: Spring Mounted Jack Slabs, and Isolation Mats.
  • Lightweight Concrete.
  • SuperLightweight Concrete fill (65 to 70 lbs/cf)
  • Floor leveling with Cementitious underlayments,"Feather Finish", and Self-Leveling products.
  • Mass Concrete structures such as Linac Vaults, and large Pile Caps.
  • Non-Magnetic reinforcing applications using Stainless Steel or Fiberglass Reinforcing.
  • Cast In Place Concrete Pools.
  • Sidewalk and Concrete Paving (including IDOT paving standards).

Our office is located in Naperville Illinois and we perform work in Chicago and all the North, South, & West Suburbs including DeKalb.


Matrix Concrete Construction LLC's Leadership is made up of individuals who have always conducted business in an honest, ethical manner.  This long standing reputation for Integrity helped give Customers the confidence to award us small and large contracts at our start up.  It also gave key suppliers such as Ready Mix, Forming and Equipment Rentals, and Construction Supply Houses the assurance they needed to provide us immediate credit terms.

We are grateful for the Goodwill and support we received from our Customers and Suppliers at our startup.  We recognize that our most important assets are the people who work for us and with us. The combination of loyal Customers, supportive Suppliers, and dedicated Employees has given us a strong launch and will be the basis for continued success.

Thank You to all of our Customers, Suppliers, and Employees!!